Lockhouse Fantasy League (LFL) – NASCAR


Welcome to the 1st half 2018 version of the Lockhouse Fantasy League - NASCAR. The fee to own a team is $25.  The fee is all-inclusive and there are no additional charges for any driver swaps made during the season.  The league’s 1st half season will run for 18 races, from the Daytona 500 to the Coke Zero 400. 





At the end of our 18-race schedule the top three teams in total points for the year will be awarded prize money.  In addition, the weekly winners for the races at Atlanta, Martinsville, Talladega, Charlotte, and Sonoma will win $1 for each person in the league (ties will split the pot).  


The remainder of all fees collected will be distributed as follows (may be adjusted depending on total number of entries before the 1st race):


1st prize:  70% of purse

2nd prize:  20% of purse

3rd prize: 10% of purse



Rules and Driver Selections


Each driver has been assigned a salary (see below for complete list) and it is each owners responsibility to select a four (4) driver team that they think will score the highest combined points for each race while staying under a $100.00 fantasy salary cap.


Ex:      Let say that for the 5th race your lineup is:

            J. Johnson ($40.00)

Tony Stewart ($30.00)

Clint Bowyer ($20.00)

Dale Jarrett ($10.00)

            Team total salary:  $100.00


If after that race the above drivers salaries increase to a total of $107.00 you can still start this lineup until you make any changes.  When changes are made you will need to get back under the $100 salary cap.


Simply email me (hharm3@earthlink.net) your lineup each week to play. 


You may change drivers each week or you can maintain the same team multiple weeks or all year if you wish.


If your driver, not his car, does not compete on race day, you will NOT score any points for that driver.




All scoring will follow the NASCAR Nextel Cup scoring system including any changes NASCAR may implement for the upcoming season (see below for complete scoring details using the current point structure). 


We will NOT be deducting points for penalties this season.


Total points will accumulate throughout our 18-race schedule and the highest point getter will be the league champ.  Ties in paying positions will be decided by:


  1. Number of weeks as highest weekly scorer
  2. Number of wins by drivers on team for the season
  3. Coin toss




All members of the league will be eligible to vote on any issues that may arise during the course of the year.  A simple majority of voting members will decide the issue.