Lockhouse Fantasy Football League (LFFL) Rules


The yearly fee to own a team is $25.  All owners must pay for the season before the draft begins.  The fee is all-inclusive and there are no additional charges for trades or waiver wire pickups. 


To maintain the highest quality experience for all owners, everyone is expected to field as complete and competitive a team as possible each week.  Any owner that fails to do so on a consistent basis will not be asked to play the following season. 


League Makeup and Schedule


The LFL consists of 24 teams separated into Conferences (AFC and NFC).  Each Conference is divided into 3 divisions (NFC: Lager, Black and Tan, Light and AFC: East, Central, West).


The regular season will be 14 weeks long. 


At the conclusion of the regular season, a 4-team 2-week playoff will be held in each league (8 teams total) to determine the league champion.  The schedule for the playoff will be:


Playoff Week 1

Best Division Winner vs. Wildcard (the best ranked team not winning a division)

2nd Division Winner vs. 3rd Division Winner


Playoff Week 2

Playoff winners from week one will battle for the League Championship.


During playoff week 2, the AFC Conference Champ's score will be compared to the NFC Conference Champ's score.  The Conference Champ with the highest score will be declared the Overall League Champion.



Overall Champion:  $185

Other Confernece champ:  $160

2nd place (each league):  $50

3rd place (each league):  $25


All money collected will be used for either expenses (league site(s) and draft software) or prizes.


Draft and Draft Order

All drafts will operate "snake" style.  That is 1,2,3...11,12,12,11,..3,2,1,1,2,3, etc. 

NFC 2006 Draft Order

1.  Thomas Anderson

2.  Mike Didawick

3.  Gary Shives

4.  Jason Smith

5.  Kevin Anderson

6.  Harlan Harmison

7.  Tommy Gloyd

8.  Patrick Anderson

9.  Gary Lombardo

10.  Tommy Lombardo

11.  Mike Rohm

12.  Matt Clem


AFC 2006 Draft Order

1.  Hitmen (new Owner)

2.  Steve Silen

3.  Michael Stotler

4.  Jeremy Dowler

5.  Matt Quigg

6.  Kevin Miller

7.  Bill Sterner

8.  Kent Hendershot

9.  GW Easton

10.  Todd Olson

11.  Terry Bard

12.  Kim Clem


Teams will consist of the following positions:

1 Starting QB

1 or 2 Starting RBs

2 or 3 Starting WRs

1 Starting TE

1 Starting K

1 Starting Team D*

6 Reserve Players

* The NFL team selected to be your Defense will also be the team used to score Special Teams points

Teams may or may not have picks in each of the 14 rounds of our daft.  Extra picks will not be given at the end of the draft to cover any shortfall.  If a team does not have enough picks to field a team for week 1, that team will have to play shorthanded.  There will be NO free agency period before week 1.


Injured Reserve Spot


Each team will be allowed 1 IR roster spot to be used only for a player on your current roster who is placed on IR by his NFL team.  Once a player is placed in your IR spot he may not be removed and no other player can be put in his place.  Injured free agents may NOT be picked up for the purposes of filling your IR spot nor can players be drafted into your IR spot.

Example:  If you choose to draft K. Winslow (a.k.a. Evil Knevil) this year he can not be placed on your injured reserve.  You could elect to keep him on your roster all season but he you cannot put him on IR.




The LFL will be a “keeper league” meaning each owner will be able to select up to 3 players on their roster to keep going into the following season.  Every player must go back into the league draft at least once every three years, even if they are no longer on the team that originally drafted them.

If you end up with multiple keepers taken in the same Rd (possible with Free Agents and Trades), you will lose a pick 1 Rd higher if possible (2 1st Rd keepers, would cost a 1st and 2nd Rd)


For each player you choose to keep, you will forfeit a pick equal to the original draft position of the player kept.  If the player kept was picked up on waivers a 3rd round pick will be forfeit. 

(Real World Example:  If I keep Shaun Alexander, Corey Dillon, and Kevin Jones, I would not be able to pick in the 1st, 2nd, and 6th rounds.)


All keepers must be declared by August 1st.



I select Payton Manning in round 2 this year and decide to keep him on my roster next season.  Therefore I do not have a 2nd round pick next season.

Further, I decide to trade Peyton to Gary during week 4 of season two for Jamal Lewis and Gary decides to keep Peyton on his team for year 3; therefore Gary will not have a 2nd round pick in year 3.

Even though Gary has only had Mr. Manning’s service for 1.5 years he cannot keep him for year 4 because all players must reenter the draft at least once every 3 years.




The LFL will allow trades, with league approval, through the 7th game of the season.  All owners will have the opportunity to veto any proposed trade.  If 33% (4) or more of the owners veto the proposed trade the trade will not be allowed to culminate.  Multi-player and future draft pick trades are allowed, but players may not exceed their 14-position roster.


Off Season Trades


Off season trading officially opens on July 1st, 2006.  You may begin trade negotiations before this date but no trade can be voted on before July 1st.  Off season trades will follow the veto rules described above.  Off season trading officially ends on July 31st, but please remember the league is given 3 days to veto a trade, so the latest any trade can be submitted would be July 27th.  Trades can be player-for-player or player-for-picks or even picks-for-picks.

Example:  I trade Shaun Alexander for Gary L's 3rd and 4th round picks.  I therefore regain my 1st Rd pick (because I am not keeping my 1st Rd selection) and pick in Gary's spot (as well as mine if I have no keeper in those rds) in the 3rd and 4th rds.  I cannot trade Shaun Alexander for Gary's 1st Rd pick, because by keeping Shaun Alexander (a 1st rounder) Gary does not have a first Round pick to give.  I also cannot get Gary's second Rd pick if Gary plans to keep a player in that Rd.



Free Agent Pickups


After the 1st week of the LFL season, free agents may be added to a team’s pickup list.  If no other owner requests the same player the player will be added to your roster on Thursday of that week.  If another owner or owners requests the same player the team with the fewest year-to-date points will be awarded the player.  You may not carry more than 14 players on your roster therefore you will need to select a player to drop as well as the player you would like to pickup.  If another owner is awarded the player you requested you would not automatically drop the player you wish to replace.


After the Thursday night waiver runs.  All players not on a team are available on a first-come first-served basis.



In week 3, I decide to drop Kurt Warner to pick up Eli Manning.  During the same week Gary decides to drop his second kicker for Eli Manning as well.  At the time my YTD point total is 215 and Gary’s is 200.  On Thursday night when the waiver moves take place Gary is awarded Eli Manning and his second kicker is dropped.  My roster still has Kurt Warner as a QB.




All scoring will be handled by Homegrown Sports ( http://www.homegrownsports.com ) and will not be official until the Tuesday after the Monday night game.




            Passing yards will be scored as 1 fantasy point (fp) for every 20 yards of passing.

            Rushing yards will be scored as 1 fp for every 10 yards of rushing.

            Receiving yards will be scored as 1 fp for every 10 yards of receiving.

            Touchdowns will award 6 fp.

            Field goals will award 3 fp.

            Extra Points will award 1 fp.

            2-point conversions will award 2 fp.

            Bonuses:  Any offensive scoring play over 50 yards will be awarded 1 extra fp.

                        (Examples:  TD pass of 61 point scores 7 total points for QB and WR, 53 yrd. FG  = 4 total points) 

            Interceptions will score –2 fp.

            Fumbles lost will score –2 fp.

            Missed FG will score –1 fp.

            Missed Extra point will score –2 fp.


Defense and Special Teams

All Defensive Teams will start each game with 20 fp.  2 points will be deducted for every 50 yards of offense allowed and for every 7 points scored**. 

Minimum score = 0.

(Example: My Defense allows 390 yards and 17 points; Score 0 for yards allowed, 4 for points allowed.)

            Sack = 1 fp

            Interception = 1 fp

            Fumble Recovery = 1 fp

            Punt and kickoff return yards = 1 fp for every 20 return yards

            TD = 6 fp.

            Safty = 2 fp.


* Note all yardage gained will not be rounded.  Example: RB gains 299 yards score 29 fp.

**Note all points scored count toward total points against, not just points scored against the defense.



Remember, even though there are 3 pages of rules the league is supposed to be fun.  So enjoy yourselves and good luck.